VoIP Providers - Direct Access to Numbering Resources

Pursuant to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Order, FCC 15-70, Numbering Policies for Modern Communications et al., interested interconnected VoIP providers can obtain telephone numbers directly from the North American Numbering Plan Administrator rather than through intermediaries. 

The Order provides a process whereby interconnected VoIP providers interested in direct access to numbering resources must first obtain FCC numbering authorization. Once FCC authorization is granted, the applicant must then provide state commissions with a 30-day notice before requesting numbering resources from the NANPA.

You must file a 30-day notice in New York electronically through the Department’s Document and Matter Management System, in Matter 24-00960. You can find instructions to e-file at Filing Documents with the Secretary.

The notice must be accompanied by a cover letter addressed to the Secretary to the Commission. A company that is unable to e-file its notice can contact Central Files at [email protected] or 518-474-2500 for further guidance. 

If your company needs to request confidential treatment of its filing, visit Filing Confidential Documents with the Records Access Officer.