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Uniform Business Practices


In September 1998, the New York State Public Service Commission issued a proposal with a draft set of rules, Uniform Business Practices (UBP), to provide for consistent business procedures for both Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) and electric and natural gas utilities across the state.  The Commission issued an order in Case 98-M-1343 adopting the UBP in February 1999 and required each utility to submit a compliance filing by June 1999.

As the competitive retail energy market has evolved in New York, the UBP has been revisited and modified to reflect changes in the market while continuing to provide consumer protections, streamlined business transactions and communications protocols between ESCOs and utilities. 

Amendments to UBP

Chapter 416 of the Laws of 2010, signed into law on August 13, 2010, amends the general business law (GBL) by adding a §349-d which specifies requirements energy service companies (ESCO) must comply with when marketing energy services, defined as natural gas or electricity, to residential customers and/or through door to door sales and required that the Public Service Commission develop an ESCO Consumers Bill of Rights (ECBR). The Commission issued an Order on December 17, 2010 which adopted the ECBR and revised the UBP.

Currently Effective UBP

Uniform Business Practices.

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