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Telecommunications Information

The Department of Public Service's Office of Telecommunications is responsible for overseeing the performance of the telecommunication and cable television companies under the Commission’s jurisdiction, and their compliance with Commission regulations and policies. The Office assures that telephone rates, terms, and conditions of services to consumers are reasonable and that companies follow rules governing market entry/exit, as well as telephone number conservation policies.   

The Office also oversees service quality, technical and safety standards, including investigation of outages affecting the telecommunications and cable industries and conducts field investigations of companies' facilities. Finally, the Office is involved in mapping broadband availability and facilitating the expansion of broadband services in the state. 

Telecommunications Areas
Cable TV

Information about cable television franchising fees and franchising competing providers.


Information about retail and competitive telephone service proceedings, area code and telephone numbering, and interconnection agreements.

Featured Items
Significant telecommunications cases brought before DPS, and an interactive tool for exploring broadband service in New York State.