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New York's Green Power Program

Green Power in New York

Green Power is electricity generated from renewable energy sources that are environmentally friendly such as solar, wind, biomass, and hydropower. New York State and the Public Service Commission have made a commitment to promote the use of Green Power and foster the development of renewable energy generation resources.


Generating a green future

Electricity comes from a variety of sources such as natural gas, oil, coal, nuclear, hydropower, biomass, wind, solar, and solid waste. Green Power is electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as:

NYS Green Power Fuel Mix Pie Chart
  • Solar: Solar energy systems convert sunlight directly into electricity.
  • Biomass: Organic wastes such as wood, other plant materials and landfill gases are used to generate electricity.
  • Wind: Modern wind turbines use large blades to catch the wind, spin turbines, and generate electricity.
  • Hydropower: Small installations on rivers and streams use running or falling water to drive turbines that generate electricity.

This pie chart shows the mix of energy sources that was used to generate New York's electricity in 2015. Buying Green Power will help to increase the percentage of electricity that is produced using cleaner energy sources.


You have the power to make a difference

For only a few pennies more a day, you can choose Green Power and make a world of difference for generations to come.

Green Power:

  • Produces fewer environmental impacts than fossil fuel energy.
  • Helps to diversify the fuel supply, increasing the reliability of the New York State electric system and contributing to more stable energy prices.
  • Reduces use of imported fossil fuels, keeping dollars spent on energy in the State's economy.
  • Creates jobs and helps the economy by spurring investments in environmentally friendly facilities.
  • Creates healthier air quality and helps to reduce respiratory illness.


Your energy...your choice

Your electric service is made up of two parts, supply and delivery. In New York's competitive electric market, you can now shop for your electric supply. You can support cleaner, sustainable energy solutions by selecting Green Power for some or all of your supply. No matter what electric supply you choose, your utility is still responsible for delivering your electricity safely and reliably, and will provide you with customer service and respond to emergencies.

Choosing Green Power

What happens when you choose to buy Green Power?

The Green Power you buy is supplied to the power grid that delivers the electricity to all customers in your region. Your Green Power purchase supports the development of more environmentally friendly electricity generation. You are helping to create a cleaner, brighter New York for future generations. You will continue to receive the safe, reliable power you've come to depend on.

Switching to Green Power is as easy as:
  1. Call: Go to the NYS Power to Choose web site and search for providers in your area. You can locate offers based on zip code, service type, and service class
  2. Compare: Compare the Green Power programs.
  3. Choose: Choose the Green Energy Service Company program that is right for you.
Using New York's power to change the future

Energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy are critical elements in New York's economic, security and energy policies.
New York State is committed to ensuring that we all have access to reliable electricity by helping consumers use and choose energy wisely. Recently, the state launched two initiatives - one designed to educate the public about the environmental impacts of energy production, and one to encourage the development of Green Power programs.

Environmental Disclosure Label

One of the benefits of New York's competitive market is that you now have access to information that enables you to take into account the environmental impacts of the energy you purchase. You receive an Environmental Disclosure Label in your electric bill twice a year. The labels show the mix of fuels used to generate the electricity you buy and the related air emissions. Knowing about electricity generation, fuel sources and their environmental impacts will help you make informed choices. The environmental disclosure labeling program should also encourage generators and Green Power service providers to consider increasing the availability of Green Power in New York's competitive energy marketplace.


The New York State Public Service Commission is supporting development of renewable energy service programs in utility service territories across the state. These programs are spurring the development of new sources of renewable energy and the sale of Green Power to New York consumers.

As a result, Green Power service providers are now offering a variety of renewable energy service options. Most New York consumers now have the opportunity to choose Green Power.

Suppliers Offering Green Energy Products

Many suppliers in New York offer Green Power options. For a list of suppliers, go to the NYS Power to Choose web site and locate offers based on zip code, service type, and service class.

Utility Contacts
Utility Telephone Web Address
Central Hudson Gas and Electric 1-800-527-2714
Consolidated Edison 1-800-752-6633
National Grid 1-800-642-4272 (upstate)
1-718-643-4050 (Metro)
1-800-930-5003 (Long Island)
New York State Electric and Gas 1-800-35-NYSEG (356-9734)
Orange and Rockland 1-877-434-4100
PSEG Long Island 1-800-490-0025
Rochester Gas and Electric 1-877-RGE-WIND (743-9463)


Q: What is green power?

A: Green power is electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass and small or low-impact hydropower.


Q: What is biomass?

A: Biomass is organic waste such as wood, plant material and landfill gases used to make electricity.


Q: How can I buy green power?

A: You call green power service providers, call your utility to see which companies provide the service. Each utility service territory may have different green power service providers.


Q: Will renewable power be delivered directly to my home/business?

A: No. We all draw power from the electric grid that connects all New Yorkers. When you buy green power you help to support cleaner sources of power that produce less environmental impact.


Q: Is green power as reliable as the electricity I get now?

A: Yes. There is no difference. The power grid always has electricity in it which comes from a variety of sources.


Q: What happens if my power goes out?

A: Call your local utility that delivers your power.


Q: How can I find out about solar power?

A: For information on solar power or any other type of renewable energy, you can use the internet. New York State Energy Research and Development Authority's (NYSERDA) Web site has solar information. Also use Ask PSC for links to other sites that have information on renewable energy sources.


Q: What percentage of power is now generated from renewable sources in New York?

A: Right now about 18% of our power is generated from hydropower and less than 1% each from wind, solar, or biomass. You can see the latest environmental disclosure label which shows you the fuel mix and some air emissions from the current statewide fuel mix by accessing the electric utility section.


Q: How much does it cost to buy green power?

A: Depending on which utility's territory, the green power service provider you choose, and what type of green power you choose, the cost is from .5 to 2.5 cents per kilowatt hour more than the price you pay for electricity for delivery and supply.


Q: Why is it priced differently from one provider to another?

A: Different companies price according to their own circumstances taking into account procurement costs, business costs, subsidies, taxes and utility service territory.


Q: Why would I want to pay more for electricity?

A: Some New Yorkers want the choice of which type of fuel they want to support. Buying green power is a way to support the production of electricity generation that has fewer environmental impacts.


Q: Are there residential customers and businesses choosing green power now?

A: Yes, thousands of New Yorkers have chosen to buy some or all of their power as green power.


Q: How does green power help the environment?

A: Using fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas to produce electricity adds pollutants to the air that are a contributing cause of acid rain and smog and global climate change. Replacing fossil fuels with green power will help clean our air.