Natural Gas Proceedings


  • Case 22-M-0247 - Report on New York State Electric & Gas Supply Readiness for 2022-2023 Winter
  • Case 20-G-0131 - Proceeding on Motion of the Commission in Regard to Gas Planning Procedures
  • Case 19-M-0382 - Report on the New York State Electric & Gas Supply Readiness for 2019-2020 Winter
  • Case(s) 18-G-070918-G-071018-G-0711 - National Grid Flexibility Tariff
  • Case 17-G-0606 - Petition of Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. for Approval of the Smart Solutions for Natural Gas Customers Program
  • Case 17-M-0316 - Con Edison Compliance with Operator Qualification, Performance, and Inspection Requirements Investigation
  • Case 17-G-0317 - National Grid OQ Enforcement Case
  • Case 17-G-0316 - Con Edison OQ Enforcement Case
  • Case 17-G-0011 - Gas Service to Electric Generators