Indian Point Whistleblower Process


The whistleblower process is how an employee or subcontractor can raise a concern about potential wrongdoing occurring at, or relating to, the Indian Point site during site remediation and decommissioning activities. Filing a complaint to DPS as described below does not automatically grant whistleblower status. Please see common questions and answers for more information. 

Oversight Authority

Under Public Service Law, the New York Public Service Commission possesses general supervisory powers over electric plants in the State of New York, including retired nuclear power reactors and their associated systems, structures, fuel and waste storage facilities, and fixtures and personal property. This includes Indian Point.

Role of the Commission

The Public Service Commission, through its administrative agency the Department of Public Service, conducts investigations of wrongdoing by facility owners, operators, and contractors, as well as utilities.

Why Is It Important to Raise a Concern?

The Department encourages persons to raise concerns of potential violations occurring at a facility by its owner, operator, employees, contractors, and agents or a utility. Areas of such potential violations might encompass health, safety, security, legal, financial, accounting, engineering, environmental, and policy matters. To raise a concern, the reporting person need not be sure that a violation has occurred or will occur. The public interest supports the submission of such reports which provide an opportunity to address conditions that can pose a threat to the health or safety of facility employees, customers, and the public.

How Do I Raise a Concern?

You can file a concern with DPS about Indian Point online, via email, phone or U.S. mail.

New York State Department of Public Service
Office of Investigations and Enforcement
3 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12223

Common Questions and Answers

Can I Submit My Concern Anonymously? Yes. What Happens When I File a Concern? Once a concern is raised to the Department, it will be sent to its staff of investigators, technical experts, and lawyers. The Department will make a preliminary assessment whether the allegations: (1) are sufficient to commence an investigation; (2) require additional information before a determination to investigate further can be made; (3) should be investigated in the context of an on-going or pending Commission proceeding; (4) should be handled as a standard complaint regarding consumer service; or, (5) do not warrant an in-depth investigation. Will the Department Contact Me? If you do not submit your concern anonymously, the Department may contact you to better understand the facts and issues relating to your concern, or to ask for additional information. What If I Am a Utility Employee? Before completing and submitting a complaint to the Department or other public body, a reporting individual who is an employee or contractor involved with the remediation and decommissioning of Indian Point may wish to review Labor Law §740 which may provide protections from retaliation by employers in certain circumstances. You may also wish to speak with an attorney before submitting your complaint to fully understand your rights.