Five Year Book

Welcome to the New York State Department of Public Service's Financial Statistics of the Major Investor Owned Utilities in New York State, better known as the Five Year Book.

The report contains financial and operating statistics for the 60 privately owned Class A and B Electric, Gas, Telephone and Water companies in New York State.

The Five Year Book in its entirety is available online. What follows is a detailed listing of the information as it is presented in the Five Year Book, with clickable links to the documents. If you have any questions,  please call Vincent Califano 518- 486-2826.

Happy searching!

The 2018 index is probably your best place to start, since it contains information on what is in the Book and  because it helps you locate the file that has the information you're looking for.

This year, we have also made the 2013 files available for comparison. The 2013 index contains links to all the appropriate 2013 files.