File a Shared Meter Complaint

About Shared Meters

What is a shared meter? 

A shared meter is a gas, electric or steam meter in a residential tenant’s name that provides service outside of the tenant’s dwelling.

Examples of common shared meter conditions may include:

  • A tenant’s electric meter supplying service to common area lighting or common area laundry appliances.
  • A tenant’s gas meter supplying service to one natural gas furnace which heats common areas or additional apartments/spaces outside of their living space.

Where can I find the law regarding a shared meter?

What should I do if I suspect I have a shared meter? 

If you suspect your meter has a shared meter condition, you must first contact your utility and request an inspection. This will require your utility to perform an on-site visit to your dwelling and building with you present.

Once the utility has completed the inspection, what happens? 

The utility is required to provide you with written results of the inspection, if a shared meter condition is identified or not. If you are not satisfied with the utility’s written determination, you may file a complaint; however, these requests are time-sensitive.

Shared Meter Complaints

Common shared meter complaints:

  • The shared meter condition does / does not exist.
  • The amount of shared usage (kWh or ccf) per month is overestimated or underestimated.
  • The twelve-month assessment or shared meter charges are overestimated or underestimated. (These are charges billed to owners resulting from above-minimal shared meter conditions, which are in excess of 75 kWh of electricity per month, or 5 ccf of gas per month.)
  • The owner and the tenant are unable to enter into a mutual agreement for a minimal shared meter condition (under 75 kWh of electricity per month, or less than 5 ccf of gas per month.)

How do I submit my complaint? 

Please review the form below and complete the information page and appropriate section(s). Once you have completed the required sections, you must submit the documents and any attachments you have to provide for review. Please review the instructions for submission of your complaint as they do vary, dependent on your utility company.

A form to file your complaint is available.  Scroll down to find the form titled “Shared Meter Complaint Form."

How can I contact DPS for assistance with this form or if I have questions? 

Although shared meter complaints must be submitted in writing by email, fax, or mail, you may call the Shared Meter Unit at 800-342-3377, by choosing the options “natural gas or electric” then “shared metering issue.” Interpreters are available and will be provided free.

What if I have already filed a complaint with the Department of Public Service, and I do not agree with the written determination from the Commission’s Designee? 

You have the right to submit a petition to request a shared meter rehearing. Please refer to the form and instructions below, along with the instructions on the written determination, to submit your petition.

A form to file your petition for rehearing is available. Scroll down to find the form titled “Rehearing Petition Form.”

Shared Meter Complaint Forms