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Energy Policy Planning Advisory Council (EPPAC) Meeting

Via WebEx
Energy Policy Planning Advisory Council (EPPAC) Meeting

Meeting Information

The following link and information may be used to attend the meeting. 

Phone-Only Access: 518-549-0500 
Access Code: 161 935 5265

The next meeting of the Energy Policy Planning Advisory Council (EPPAC) will be held virtually through WebEx immediately following the conclusion of the 0x40 Technical Conference, from approximately 3:15 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on December 11, 2023. 

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the scenario proposals and next steps. 


  1. Welcome and recap 
  2. Continued discussion of scenario proposals 
  3. JU Presentation on headroom analysis and methodology 
  4. Next steps and closing 

As described in the Order Approving a Coordinated Grid Planning Process issued on August 17, 2023, interested stakeholders may attend and listen but only EPPAC members will be speaking and actively participating in the meeting. The meeting will be recorded and a link to the recording will be filed in this proceeding.

Questions about the EPPAC should be directed to [email protected].


Case Information

Case 20-E-0197 – Proceeding on Motion of the Commission to Implement Transmission Planning Pursuant to the Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act.