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Compliance Requirements

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    Triennial Compliance Instructions

    Uniform Business Practices (UBP) Section 2.D.2 requires: An ESCO shall update all the information it submitted in its original application package to the Department every three years, starting from the date of its eligibility letter.



Orders and Other Resources

December 2019 Order

On December 12, 2019 the Commission issued an Order Adopting Changes to the Retail Access Market and Establishing Further Process (Case 15-M-0127 et al). According to that Order, all ESCOs wishing to continue to serve mass-market customers are required to submit an updated Retail Access Application Form (RAAF) with all attachments by 3/11/2020. An Order on Rehearing, Reconsideration and Providing Clarification was issued on September 18, 2020, changing the application due date to November 17, 2020. ESCOs that do not intend to market to or enroll mass-market customers after the order goes into effect should fill out and submit the Attestation Regarding Mass Market Eligibility that is provided below.


Other Orders, Forms and Sample Contracts

Data Security Agreement (DSA) And Self-attestation (SA)

On December 16, 2019, the Joint Utilities filed an updated Data Security Agreement (DSA) and accompanying Self-Attestation (SA) as required by the Commission's October 17, 2019 Order Establishing Minimum Cybersecurity and Privacy Protections and Making Other Findings. The Joint Utilities previously advised that the DSA would be sent to ESEs for execution shortly after it was filed. The utilities are sending the revised DSA for execution over the next couple of days. The executed DSA, including the Self Attestation, should be returned to each utility by January 6, 2020. To expedite the process, the utilities are sending out pre-signed DSAs. The DSA and SA must be signed without changes or qualifications and will not be accepted or valid if such changes and qualifications are made.

Staff Proposals

March 26, 2024 Staff Proposal for Implementing Stronger Price Transparency for Consumers