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Electric Submetering Information

Electric Submetering Information

Residential Electric Submetering

About Submetering

Submetering is a system that allows property owners to sell electricity service to occupants based on each unit’s electricity consumption.

As a submeterer, the owner becomes the distribution utility, where the owner is afforded and provides all the rights and responsibilities to the building residents - the same as the local utility is required to towards its customers. Therefore, the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) has strict submetering regulations for residential electric submetering. The owner must first petition and receive authorization from the PSC.  Some regulations may apply for one building that may not apply in all cases.


The regulations in NYCRR §96.5 - Residential Submetering Regulations, govern the content and explain the service conditions required for submetering. Which includes disclosures, service conditions, equipment standards, billing requirements, and compliance with Consumer Rights and Protections in the Home Energy Fair Practices Act (HEFPA) and reporting requirements.

Benefits of Submetering

The benefits of residential submetering include the following:

  • There are financial incentives to submetering as well as promoting New York State goals with a greater emphasis on energy efficiency improvements and clean energy investments.
  • Promotes energy conservation awareness: by recording the building's actual energy usage, with no need for estimated bills, the Owner and residents have the ability to monitor and reduce their energy waste. 
  • Submetering promotes responsibility for buildings occupants. Residents are billed based on their personal energy consumption within each unit, and the rate is capped, so that the residential will not ever pay more than what the local distribution utility charges.
  • Residents can better monitor and control their electricity usage habits and lower their bills and the buildings’ overall electricity consumption. 

Residential Electric Submetering Applications

A building owner who wants to submeter electricity to its residents must first petition and receive authorization from the Public Service Commission (PSC).  The applicant must show that they can comply with the Residential Electric Submetering regulations. Some regulations may apply for one building that may not apply in each application. Always refer to the regulations in deciding which provisions apply to your building.

The information you will need is provided on our website. The submetering regulations -16 NYCRR Part 96, HEFPA provisions, guide documents and the Submeterer Identification form which are required as part of your submission can be accessed here. Always refer to the regulations in deciding which provisions apply to your building.

A PSC approved meter must be used and a submetering system design must have the capability to individually terminate a particular unit. 

A residential submetering checklist is available to help organize filing your application.

Once you develop your petition requesting submetering approval and it is submitted to the Secretary to the Commission, it will be assigned a Case number, which initiates the formal process.  To begin the formal approval process, documents must be submitted, in a searchable PDF format, to the Secretary of the Commission at [email protected]

Staff reviews the filing and at any point may reach out if additional information is needed for compliance. Cases are required to be noticed in the State Register for public comment, which is a 60-day period and must expire prior to the Commission acting on the petition. After the commenting period ends, Staff will draft a recommendation to the Commission to be acted on at one of its sessions. In general, the approval process takes approximately 6-8 months, pending any outstanding issues.

Utility Contacts - Electric Submetering

The Residential Electric Submetering application process under regulation § 96.5 Requires proof of service that a Notice of Intent or Petition to Submeter was sent from the prospective submeterer to the utility company providing electric service to the premises to be submetered.

  • Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation, Victor Narkaj - Director - New Business: [email protected], 284 South Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, Phone: 845-486-5474
  • Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., Matthew Glasser, General Manager, Energy Services: [email protected], 4 Irving Place, New York, New York 10003, Phone: 212-460-3559, Fax: 212-673-1729
  • New York State Electric and Gas Corporation, Michael Seeley - Regulatory & Tariffs: [email protected], 18 Link Dr., Binghamton, New York, 13902, Phone: 607-222-6562
  • Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation/National Grid, Kristen Cobb - Customer Connections – Electric: [email protected], 55 Bearfoot Rd, Northboro, Massachusetts, 01532, Phone: 781-907-3486
  • Orange & Rockland Utilities, Inc., Jacqueline Frosco - Director, New Business: [email protected], 75 West Route 59, Spring Valley, New York 10977, Phone: 845-577-3739
  • Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation, Michael Seeley - Regulatory & Tariffs: [email protected], 3 City Center, 180 S. Clinton Avenue, Rochester, New York, 14649, Phone: 607-222-6562


DPS Contact

Email [email protected] for general submetering inquiries.

Residential Electric Submetering Complaints

If you suspect your submeter electric bill or service is inaccurate and have been unable to resolve the concern with your utility provider, you may file a consumer complaint. The Department will contact the submeterer to investigate your complaint to resolution. The Office of Consumer Services will advise you of our findings and provide a final determination.

The steps you should take are:

  • First seek the assistance of your submeterer, the utility provider. This maybe the building owner, landlord, the management company, or the billing agent. The building’s regulatory contact person is required by law to assist you.
  • If you are unable to get a satisfactory resolution from your submeterer you can submit the complaint to the Department’s Office of Consumer Services. The Department Office of Consumer Services will initiate a formal complaint investigation. We will contact the utility and address the issues to resolution.  
  • To file a complaint with the Department, please complete the form and provide detailed information about your concern, please submit the form and any attachments. 
  • For follow-up on a previously submitted complaint, or for assistance please send us additional information or call our Consumer Helpline at 1-800-342-3377.

Submetering Documents


    Submeterer Identification Form

    Updates to the Submeterer Identification Form should be submitted within ten days of any change to the information provided herein and submitted to: [email protected] in a searchable PDF format, under the Commission Case number of the approved order issued. Version - 5/16/2023