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Distributed Generation Information

Distributed Generation Information

NYS Standardized Interconnection Requirements (SIR)

New York State standardized interconnection requirements from the Department of Public Service.

Staff Contacts:

Jason Pause (Technical assistance): [email protected], 518-486-2889
Liz Grisaru (Policy/Ombudsman assistance): [email protected], 518-486-2653
Sandra Hart (Rates and Tariff assistance): [email protected], 518-473-7952

Other Miscellaneous Reports

New York State standardized interconnection requirements reports from external groups.

SIR Inventory Information

Utility Interconnection Queue Data (May 2024)

NYISO Interconnection Website

Hosting Capacity Maps

Interconnection Resources

Electric Standby Service Rates


Staff Contact: Rob Cully - [email protected], 518-473-6747

Gas Service for Distributed Generation


Staff Contact: Aric Rider - [email protected], 518-486-2466

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