Audit of LIPA and PSEG Long Island


The LIPA Reform Act (Act or LRA) empowers the Department of Public Service (DPS) to undertake a Comprehensive Management and Operations Audit (Audit) of the Long Island Power Authority (Authority or LIPA) and its Service Provider PSEG Long Island LLC (PSEG LI) at least every five years.

The prior audit, completed in 2018, resulted in 49 recommendations and LIPA and PSEG LI were required by the LIPA Board of Trustees to implement these recommendations to ensure an improved level of service to electric customers on Long Island.

The current DPS management and operations audit of LIPA and PSEG LI will be completed by NorthStar Consulting Group Inc.

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Audit Scope Areas

The audit will review and evaluate the overall operations and management of LIPA and PSEG LI with the ultimate goal of improving existing processes, practices, systems, and organizational structures to drive better performance based on the scope areas below. 



Summary of 2016

Summary of 2016 LIPA MOA Findings and Recommendations

LIPA’s most recent comprehensive management and operations audit was completed in 2018 (Matter No.16-01248). The final audit report included 49 recommendations for improvement. The Authority and Service Provider have implemented 36 out of the 49 recommendations, including those recurring on an annual basis. The Authority and Service Provider provides regular progress updates to allow the DPS Long Island Office to monitor the implementation status of the prior audit. Any remaining open recommendations from the prior audit will be evaluated in the current audit.

Public Comment and Statement Hearings

Interested persons or parties were invited to submit comments on the Audit by October 14th, 2022.

For more information about the review process for the Matter No. 21-00618 - LIPA and PSEG LI Management & Operations Audit, you may contact the Department of Public Service at 1-888-275-7721.

To ensure full public participation from customers in all of LIPA’s service territory the DPS invited public and stakeholder input. Two Public hearings were held on October 3, 2022.

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Important Dates

April 08, 2022 DPS issued RFP for Comprehensive Management and Operations Audit of LIPA and PSEG LI
October 03, 2022 Public Statement Hearings
October 14, 2022 Public Comments Due
April 2, 2024 Final Audit Report submitted to LIPA

LIPA Management and Operations Audit 2012-13

In the matter of a Comprehensive and Regular Management and Operations Audit of Long Island Power Authority Pursuant to the LIPA Oversight and Accountability Act.

9/27/13 - Final Audit Report (PDF File, 4.77 MB, 402 pages)

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