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Article VII Major Electric and Gas Transmission Facilities

Article VII Major Electric and Gas Transmission Facilities


Article VII, “Siting of Major Utility Transmission Facilities,” is the section of the New York State Public Service Law that requires a full review of the need for and environmental impact of the siting, design, construction, and operation of major transmission facilities in New York State.

While the New York Public Service Commission makes the final decision regarding all applications, Article VII establishes the forum in which community residents can participate with members of state and local agencies in the review process. Throughout the Article VII review process, applicants are strongly encouraged to follow a public information process designed to involve the public in a project’s review

Article VII Resources

  • Regulations for Electric Transmission and Fuel Gas Transmission Lines Ten or More Miles (Subpart 85-2)
  • Regulations for Gas Transmission Lines Less Than Ten Miles (Subpart 85-1)

Summary Table of Major Article VII Cases

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