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Article VII Major Electric and Gas Transmission Facilities

Article VII Major Electric and Gas Transmission Facilities


Article VII, “Siting of Major Utility Transmission Facilities,” is the section of the New York State Public Service Law that requires a full review of the need for and environmental impact of the siting, design, construction, and operation of major transmission facilities in New York State.

While the New York Public Service Commission makes the final decision regarding all applications, Article VII establishes the forum in which community residents can participate with members of state and local agencies in the review process. Throughout the Article VII review process, applicants are strongly encouraged to follow a public information process designed to involve the public in a project’s review

Article VII Cases

Certified Article VII Cases

13-E-0488 - In the Matter of Alternating Current Transmission Upgrades - Comparative Proceeding

91-E-0529 - CHG - Galeville Substation 115kV

06-T-1040 - National Grid - Gardenville to Structure 199 - 138 kV

08-T-0034 - Hudson Project 345 kV

08-T-1388 - LIPA - Riverhead to South Hampton 138kV

09-T-0870 - National Grid - Lockport to Mortimer 115 kV

10-T-0080 - National Grid - Spier Falls to Rotterdam 115 kV

10-T-0139 - Champlain Hudson Power Express 300kV

10-T-0154 - St Lawrence Gas

11-T-0068 - National Grid - Mohican to Battenkill 115kV

11-T-0116 - LIPA - Wildwood - Riverhead

11-T-0401 - Bluestone Pipeline

11-T-0462 - National Grid - Global Foundries

11-T-0654 - NYSEG Big Flats - Horseheads Gas Pipeline

12-T-0399 - Scepter Gas Pipeline

Filed Article VII Cases

11-T-0534 - RG&E Rochester Area Reliability Project

12-T-0248 - NYSEG Columbia Co. 115 kV Line

13-M-0457 - New York Transmission Owners - Construct and Operate Electric Transmission Facilities in Multiple Counties in New York State.

13-T-0235 - Auburn Transmission - Approximately 14.5 Miles of 115kV Electric Transmission Facilities from the State Street Substation in Cayuga County to the Elbridge Substation in Onondaga County, NY.

13-T-0292 - West Point Power Partners - Leeds to Buchanan DC cable

13-T-0391 - Poseidon Transmission LLC- 500 MW Transmission Line from South Brunswick, New Jersey to the Town of Huntington, Suffolk County.

13-T-0454 - North America Transmission Corporation and North America Transmission, LLC - Alternating Current Transmission Upgrade Project Consisting of an Edic to Fraser 345 kV Transmission Line and a New Scotland to Leeds to Pleasant Valley 345 kV Transmission Line.

13-T-0455 - NextEra Energy Transmission New York, Inc. - for the Marcy to Pleasant Valley Project.

13-T-0456 - NextEra Energy Transmission New York, Inc. - Oakdale to Fraser Project.

13-T-0461 - Boundless Energy NE, LLC - Leeds Path West Project.

13-T-0469 - A and C Line Rebuild Project - Approximately 10.85 miles of 115 Kilovolt Transmission Lines in the Towns of Pleasant Valley, LaGrange, Wappinger and East Fishkill, Dutchess County.

16-T-0260 - Vermont Green Line Devco, LLC -Article VII Project

Withdrawn or Dismissed

06-T-0650 - New York Regional Interconnection (4/21/09)

09-T-0049 - Upstate NY Power Corp., Galloo Island Project Transmission line 230kV

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Article VII Resources

  • Regulations for Electric Transmission and Fuel Gas Transmission Lines Ten or More Miles (Subpart 85-2)
  • Regulations for Gas Transmission Lines Less Than Ten Miles (Subpart 85-1)

Summary Table of Major Article VII Cases